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Creating a mini home office

With our jobs becoming increasingly flexible in terms of work hours, working from home for at least some time each year is a real necessity for many people these days. But how do you manage your home work space? If the idea of papers and laptops overwhelming your dining table does not agree with you, consider incorporating a mini office that is hidden from view when not in use. I take a look at few good ideas to keep you productive and efficient when working at home.

It really pays to make use of any space, no matter how small. It is really surprising just how little you need. As long as it’s big enough to conceal a laptop and desk and perhaps a lamp, it can be used as a work space. The key is to make the space comfortable and practical but easily able to be hidden. A good way to do this is to hide the space behind some large bifold doors or sliding doors. When closed the office space blends in to the wall, and when opened reveals a cosy space to work.

A great place to go for bifold or sliding doors is Brio, who specialise in the manufacture of high quality door hardware for a huge range of cutting edge and traditional architectural applications. If you have room either side of the mini office, a good option is Brio’s top hung sliding doors which use first rate stainless steel hardware to roll effortlessly for many years. If you have a small space to work within, folding doors are a better option as they require virtually no additional space to operate in.

As far as desks go, you have two options really – custom made or freestanding. The most common option when designing super small spaces is to custom make the desk to become a part of the build. This lets you get the size exactly right and optimise the available space. When building the desk, also consider adding custom storage to hide away all your office files, books and printer when not in use. If you have the room, a freestanding desk can make the space feel cosy and personal – just be aware that it can be hard to find very skinny desks off the shelf.

A good tip for tiny offices it to use mirrors as the back wall of the space. This make small spaces feel much more open and creates and illusion of space. You can also decorate the doors that hide the space – think about bright bold colours that frame the space and really make the workday less hum drum more dynamic!