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Declutter you home

If you are looking through any designer magazine or blog, you will have noticed that all the photos seem to show houses where people have managed to live in clutter free bliss without accumulating any additional detritus that I seem to revel in. Let me in on a little secret, all of the homes you see in photoshoots have been professionally, cleaned, styled and all manner of everyday functional items removed for the photo. People need stuff, but you certainly reduce your household clutter with a few clever solutions that will have you home looking super stylish and magazine worthy.

The first idea is to install window seats. These can be great at swallowing up all those little bits and pieces that would otherwise be floating around on the floor, or shelves. From toys, to DVDs, magazines or bedding, getting a large window seat just makes sense. They can easily installed as an afterthought near most window openings and are a relatively cheap option to add storage and seating.

Window seats can also be combined with bifold windows to create an indoor / outdoor space within your home. This can be a super feature when entertaining large groups or just for yourself to get some fresh air and sunshine while you browse through the paper. If you are looking at installing new bifold doors or windows, take a look at Brio’s range of products – their bifold doors and door hardware are some of the best in the business and will give you home a touch of understated elegance.

If you have young children, you will understand the amount of toys and objects that can accumulate in living areas. Underfloor storage can be great way of hiding toys are not being used. Yes it will need a fair of bit design and building work to be done, but the results will blow you mind as you have so much potential storage right under your feet. If you don’t want to go these lengths, getting custom boxes or cupboards made can work a treat also. Go for large boxes that can be divided into smaller sections internally – or you will never find that all important piece of Lego amongst the barbie doll accessories.