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Styling tips for indoor outdoor areas

With the rise of indoor/outdoor spaces comes the need to think about how best to style the outdoor rooms to flow from your interior look and feel.

Most people tend to look for specific outdoor furniture and accessories when thinking about how best to decorate and indoor / outdoor space. While this is the obvious solution it can lead to a disjointed feel between inside and out. Another solution is to simply take items from inside to out when weather permits or use similar objects in both areas that can take some outdoor use.

Just as in interiors where careful lighting can make or break a space, the same is true of outdoor spaces – if you plan to use the space after dark. Consider a mixture of soft lights that provide adequate ambient light with shimmering candles and bright detail lighting to highlight a nice tree or art work. Remember to use warm-light globes rather than bright-white or you’ll feel like you are sitting in a parking lot.

A great way to create seamless transitions between inside and out is to utilise large bifold doors such as those made by Brio to enable a space to feel completely open or enclosed. In this way, you can easily create moveable glass walls that let in lots of natural light at all times. Brio are leaders in this type of door hardware, using only first grade stainless steel in their sliding door tracks to ensure smooth functioning. Their range of products lets you create spaces like those you drool over in home design magazines.

Take the time to think about colour and texture also. If you can, consider painting a feature wall in the outdoor area that reflects a wall of the interior. This will create a very clear link between inside and out and inject a bit of your personal style with little cost. Floor coverings also play a part, so adding bright rugs can really add to the vibrancy of the space and give you a cozy vibe all year round.
Texture can be added by placing rustic baskets or wall hangings around the space – again think about using the same objects inside as out. Using wicker furniture is a good trick as it looks great inside and can take moderate weather in its stride if placed outside.