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Tips for Saving Energy Around the Home

Wasting energy is not good for you, the world or your bank account. There are so many easy things you can do to cut your bills and stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ventilate! Yes its as easy it sounds. Try not to just shut all the sliding doors and windows on a hot day and blast the air-conditioning – you may as well be throwing money on the barbecue. It’s easy enough to get a cross breeze happening and it’s 100% free. Try opening a bifold door at one side of the house and a window at the other. As hot air tends to rise, most of it should be taken out of the high windows. A little tip as well, if you have any sort of insect screen on windows or door hardware, make sure they are clean and free of spider webs as dirty screens can inhibit air flow more than you would think.

To regulate the interior temperature of a modern building adding window treatments can really help. If you have large glass exterior folding doors or sliding doors consider solar screens to block out harsh sun and heat or keep the warmth in during winter. A dual system of a sheer layer and a layer to block out is a very effective way to be able to regulate both heating and cooling. There are various screen solutions that blend seamlessly with most modern exterior sliding door hardware to add an elegant yet functional level of energy saving to your home.

While we are on the subject of bifold doors, make sure they have double or triple glazed glass to maximise heat retention and block out heat. Large expanses of thin, single thickness glass is very bad at retaining heat as air can pass quite easily through edges. If you have the budget, consider installing more large glass exterior folding doors or sky lights as these are great sources of natural light ensuring you will never to switch on the lights during the day. If you are looking at new doors, consider Brio which makes a huge range of beautiful, well crafted doors and windows so suit every home and or office. Brio has showrooms throughout the United Kingdom, so make sure you check out their products.

Turn those appliances off when not in use! Make sure you turn them fully off at the power point as some devices especially flat screen TVs leach a lot of power when plugged in an in standby mode. If you don’t really need a dryer, ditch it as they are huge consumers of energy. Take a bike to work and leave the car at home.