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Ways to cover Glass Sliding Doors

We all know that glass exterior folding doors and sliding doors offer a great, functional way to gain natural light and easy access to the outdoor areas of any building. The trend has lately been for super minimal looks, leaving the doors completely free of any traditional coverings. While this may look great in architectural magazines, adding coverings will to my mind enhance the overall quality of living by offering privacy, better energy efficiency and protection for the glass. Read on to find out the best options for all sliding and folding door hardware.

Drapes are a great solution for any type of sliding door or French door with the draperies mounted above the door hardware. They have the effect of creating a heavy fabric border that can be opened from the center out or from one side to cover the whole door area. But be careful not to encroach on the ease of using the doors, so make sure that the draperies can stack on the wall and are not overhanging the door as this can cause all sorts of headaches. Heavy fabric also has the effect of keeping warm air inside the dwelling at night or hot summer sun out during the day, to keep the building cool and lowering your energy bills significantly.

For a clean contemporary look to cover sliding door hardware nothing beats sliding solar screens. These are very good at blocking extreme UV rays from the sun and stopping glare entering the house. These are a very elegant and functional solution as they mirror the style and function of the sliding doors themselves. There are now a huge range of colours and styles available to suit all types of sliding door hardware and architectural looks. Make sure whatever option you decide upon, uses quality sliding door tracks. They can also be combined with a pleated insect screen to stop those pesky winged invaders from ruining your tranquil evening entertaining.

Roman shades are another option and can be used if there is sufficient space above the door frame. These will fold up completely when not in use and can cover the entire sliding doors or window effectively at night. The great thing about roman shades is that you can mount a single covering on each door panel to enable you to individually adjust each shade.