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Why we love bay windows

As a form of adding light or just some more oomph to your house, bay windows are a worthy consideration. They are relatively inexpensive and can designed to fit into pretty every type of room.

Added Ommph

If you house is lacking a little in the “wow factor” adding bay windows can work a treat. They add the option of incorporating a window seat which makes a perfect spot for a cozy sun drenched reading session. Consider making the bay and seat a feature by giving it an accent colour to stand out from the room and create a focal point – I personally think black works really well for a modern look, or a dark regal blue for a more traditional home.

It’s not just the inside that can benefit, the exterior can also be made much more interesting by adding some positive space that protrudes beyond the flat surface of a wall. It’s a great time to smarten up the exterior of a home and can really lift the street appeal!

Added natural light

Natural is great! Who doesn’t want more of it, it makes us humans feel good, more productive and can positively affect our mood. If your house is not solar orientated the correct way to make the most of winter sun a bay window can help as light can penetrate through more angles. A good combination I have seen quite often is to combine bay windows with large expanses of glass or sliding doors to maximise the feeling of space. Companies like Brio make stunning glass bifold doors that can be opened completely to give any space sophistication and elegance.

Turn dead space into functional space

Areas like stairway landings or corridors can often become dead space purely used a method of getting from A to B. A nice bay window with window seat, can transform spaces like this into somewhere to relax and sit or take in some sun. They can also breath new life and bring light to a dark corridor or transitional space.