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Designing Your Career

One of the major aspects of ensuring that your career is fulfilling and progressing the way you want it to, is to dress the part. Preparing your clothes the night before is always helpful. This tactic prevents you from ever missing stains, spots or tears in your clothes at the last minute as you are rushing out the door in the morning. What if your favourite pants are in the wash? Planning ahead also ensures you are rotating your wardrobe, so that your outfits will look fresh and appealing.

It is a great idea to look at how your boss and the other managers in your office dress. You will be able to determine the general level of expectation of the dress code by doing this. Polished shoes are also an important part of your overall corporate look.

Investing in a good quality work wardrobe will save you money in the end. But also it will make you look like a star employee. Good quality shirts will not pop a button at the wrong time – in a meeting for instance. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed, particularly if you happen to unexpectedly meet that important client.

The most prudent course to take with your office dress is to ensure that you dress conservatively. Be aware if any of your clothing is see through, too tight or too short. To gain respect in the office environment avoid wearing anything that falls into these categories. Also, you will need to feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. For example if you need to be on building sites during office hours, wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Likewise if you have a lot of stairs to climb during the day, high heels are probably not going to be functional and you will not be comfortable and confident.

Inject some fun into your outfits with prints, colour, accessories and detailing.

Most importantly remember you are at work to work hard – if you want to progress up the corporation network. Excellent work produces outstanding results and will make you stand out. If you need a project that shows off your particular skills, volunteer for that work which will show your strengths. You will also gain extra experience that may assist you to move ahead.

Take the time to define the career path you wish to take. Then do some research into the skills you need to learn and even courses that you may need to undertake to be employable in your chosen field. Experience never goes astray and will assist you with reaching your goals.